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We are dedicated to uncovering the deep rich history that surrounds the bourbon industry, from those who make it, the distilleries that produce it and the iconic brands of today and the yesterdays. You will find a large collection of history throughout this website that comes from extensive research and exploration brought to you in a way that is unique, informative and interesting to read that will have you wanting to learn more and more. Our goal is to build an ultimate resource that is a collection of articles, history and news that captures the vast complexities that has made the bourbon industry what it is today. We believe that behind every sip of bourbon there is history, heritage and tradition and we want to highlight every aspect of it. We are inspired and have a deep appreciation for everything that has gone into making the bourbon industry and we want to share all of our learnings with you so that we can grow the knowledge of all bourbon enthusiast. Like master distillers take great pride in their distillate, we take great pride in all of the content on Sipping History. Aging bourbon takes time and cannot be rushed and we take that same time to fully learn about each and every aspect of the articles and topics that we cover. We are so glad that you are here and are glad to share with you many great topics that cover the bourbon industry.