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History, myths, legends, traditions, tales and heritage all surround the bourbon industry. Sipping History uncovers them so that you know the story behind what you are sipping on.

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George Thomas Stagg Biography

George Thomas Stagg was born on Saturday December 19, 1835 in Garrard County, Kentucky to Samuel Stagg and Margaret Goodknight Stagg. Samuel was born in 1803 to Daniel and Maria Stagg. Margaret was born in 1806. George’s parents married on Monday October 15, 1827 and together had two other children besides George, Daniel (born 1828) … Continue reading George Thomas Stagg Biography

History of Woodford Reserve

Many of the big bourbon brands find themselves with roots of generations of distillers or a brand that had ties to the early days of bourbon, but the story of Woodford Reserve is unique. It is a new brand, owned by a company with pre-Prohibition roots that distills in a historic distillery. Being a relatively … Continue reading History of Woodford Reserve


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